Regenerate is a tool to generate test-cases for regular expression engines.

Regenerate takes a regular expression and generates strings that match it. It handles most posix extended regular expressions along with complement (~a) and intersection (a&b). See the help for details. Since it handles complement, it can also generate strings that don't match a given regular expression. Below, we generate both positive and negative examples for the language composed of the letter 'a' and 'b'.

Regenerate is made with OCaml and a lot's of cool OCaml libraries. The native tool and the library are available on opam. This page was made with the awesome js_of_ocaml compiler. The source code is available on github.


Which regular expressions?

You can use most posix extended regular expressions plus complement and intersection. More precisely:

Back references, character classes, anchoring and lookahead/lookbehind are not supported.

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